If a programmer in IT industry cannot update his skills from time to time, he will be left behind and cannot utilize the opportunities coming to his way like high salary and good designation. A student or a fresh programmer should also keep his knowledge in tune to the new technological trends in the IT market. Hence it is time to update our skills in the year 2020. This article gives the top 7 programming languages that a professional or a student should focus.

Top 7 Programming Languages to learn in 2020

#1 Python

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Python is everybody's favourite because of its basic role in other technologies like IOT, AI, Robotics, Data analytics, Data science, Machine Learning, etc. These are the technologies which lead the world in the coming 1 decade. There is also a big demand for Python programmers in the job market.

#2 C#

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C# is becoming better and more powerful as years go by. We can use C# to build anything, whether we want a website, mobile app or a PC software. C# has also evolved with time and it keeps matching with the modern technological demands.

#3 Java

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This is a full-fledged programming language that gives powers to develop complex applications. It is a versatile language that is packed with a huge library and its features are very extensive. It is platform independent and useful to develop any project. Learning Java will take a lot of time owing to its varied features and content.

#4 JavaScript

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We will depend on this language to make websites responsive and interactive. Apart from being used on the client side, JavaScript has an important role to play on the server side. It is packed with resourceful frameworks which are required in modern web development.

#5 PHP

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Coming to the point of website development, slowly Python is replacing PHP. But still, we can see the importance of PHP continues as it useful at client side and server side programming. It has very simple syntax that will make our learning easy.

#6 Swift

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Swift is a powerful and intuitive programming language for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. If we ever dream of writing apps for iPhones, we need Swift language. Many businesses are putting efforts to have iOS apps. This means that by learning Swift, our skills will be on high demand.

#7 Kotlin

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While Swift is for iOS, Kotlin is for Android. It is the new programming language for Android programming. We can use it to develop Android apps. Kotlin came to be an alternative to Java and showing its dominance when it comes to Android programming. It is easier to learn and use than Java.

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