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regular courses datatechs hyderabad

Regular Courses

From morning to evening, we offer conventional class room training in Python, Django, Data analytics and Data Science. Attend these classes and practice the programs to become a successful professional.

weekend classes datatechs hyderabad

Weekend Courses

We also offer weekend classes in Python, Django, Data analytics and Data Science for those who cannot attend regular weekday classes. If you are a job holder, then this would be convenient for you.

real time projects in python django datascience at datatechs hyderabad

Realtime Projects

Professionals from software industry will interact with you and provide you with the knowledge of developing Projects in Python, Django and other related subjects.

placements and jobs assistance datatechs hyderabad

Placement Assistance

We give guidance regarding preparing the resume, facing the interviews and finding out where the jobs are available. This will help you catch the job earliar than others.

Courses offered by us

Python course at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad


Python is the most popular programming language used in the areas like IOT, Data related projects, Banking and Financial projects, Data Science, machine learning and AI. Read More

django training at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad

Django Framework

One of the best and largest frameworks for web development, Django is written in Python language and most loved by all the programmers. Read More

Data science training at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad

Data Science

Techniques for data storage, data analysis and visualization are needed by top management in any business organization to run the business into profits. Read More

R language course at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad

R Language

R Programming Language is created by Statisticians and used in Statistical methods to analyze data and draw valuable conclusions. Read More

Machine learning training at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad

Machine Learning (ML)

We can teach the computers (machines) to learn on their own. They can learn based on the previous data and do many things like human beings. Read More

Artificial Intelligence AI batch at nageswarao datatechs hyderabad

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

This is the best research area where computers are made to think like human beings. This includes human brain simulation for computer so that they take decisions on their own. Read More


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