The Power of Django

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Django is the framework written in Python for developing websites. It is the largest framework among other frameworks developed in Python.

Top companies like Amazon, Disqus, Instagram, Pinterest, The Washington Post, National Geographic channel, Bit bucket, etc. have got their websites developed in Django and doing excellent business. We know that during the year 2018, the owners of Amazon became the world's Number 1 richest people.

Why Django is loved by Software Professionals?

  • Principle of Django
    Don't repeat yourself- The repetitive tasks done in websites are automated in Django and readily available.

  • Unbelievably fast
    Django was designed with the intention to help developers travel from a concept to a finished project as quickly as possible. It uses less memory and does not put stress on database.

  • Complete Package
    It comes with an object-relational mapper (ORM) in which we describe the data models which are converted into database tables. Also, Django takes care of user authentication, site maps, content administration, RSS feeds and much more with simple commands.

  • Tons of packages
    Django contains several reusable apps, sites, tools, and more for our Django projects. There are over 3686 packages by this time and there are 1512 packages compatible with Python 3. These packages makes development easy.

  • Highly Secure
    Its user authentication system provides a safe way to manage user accounts and passwords. It helps developers avoid many common security mistakes, such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross-site request forgery and clickjacking.

  • Widely Scalable
    Some of the most crowded, busiest sites on the planet use this framework. That means Django can be used for mini projects as well for big projects.

  • Incredibly Versatile
    Companies, organizations and governments have used Django to build all sorts of things - from content management systems (CMS) to social networks to scientific computing platforms.

  • Django offers best SEO practices
    Django framework supports the use of human-readable website URLs, which is helpful to users and also for search engines when ranking sites.

  • Multi-lingual support
    Django offers full support for translating text into different languages, plus locale-specific formatting of dates, times, numbers and time zones.

What are the other Python Frameworks?

Django and Flask are the most popular web frameworks. However, there are other frameworks written in Python, shown below:

  • Django
  • Flask
  • Bottle
  • Pyramid
  • Muffin
  • CherryPy
  • web2py
  • Falcon
  • Turbo2Gears

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