Django Syllabus with Project

Introduction to Front end

  • HTML
  • CSS
Introduction to Django
  • Features of Django
  • Django web server
  • Understanding Django environment
  • A simple 'Hello world' Application
A project for Displaying hyperlinks
  • Django Architecture
  • MVC and MTV
  • Starting a project
  • Django Apps
  • Activating our first app
  • A view that displays a hyperlink
  • Mapping the views to URLs
  • Running our first app
  • Improving the views using templates
  • The improved templates
  • Template inheritance
  • Sending data from url to view
  • Sending data from view to template
A Project for Creating a website
  • Starting a project
  • Creating an app inside the project
  • Activating the app
  • Creating model for our site
  • Converting the model into a table
  • Examples for Fields in Models
  • Basic data access using Django shell
  • Saving objects into database
  • Retrieving objects from database
  • Modifying objects of database
  • Sorting objects
  • Filtering objects
  • Deleting objects
  • Making changes in the data model
Creating Administration Panel
  • Using the admin interface
  • Customizing the admin interface
  • Adding users
  • Data access and modification using admin panel
  • Giving permissions to users
Creating First page of our site
  • The Django Template system
  • Template Inheritance
  • Improving the website
  • Adding background color for web pages
  • Adding banner to the web site
  • Adding background image in the web pages
  • Storing and displaying images
  • Adding Users to our site
  • Uploading the information by user
  • Changing the Administration interface title
Django Forms creation
  • Forms basics
  • Creating Contact Us form
  • Form field examples
Django's email functionality
  • Configuring email settings
  • Sending emails with Django
The Django template language
  • Django template tags
  • If/else
  • If/elif/else
  • For
  • Comments
  • Filters
  • Using templates to display data in the site
Integrating Bootstrap into Django
  • Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Creating Tables
  • Creating grids
  • Creating carousels
Sessions and Cookies
  • Difference between Session and Cookie
  • Creating Sessions and Cookies in Django
Using other databases in Django
  • Using SQLite
  • Configuring MySQL database
  • Working with MySQL in Django
  • Configuring Oracle database
  • Working with Oracle in Django
Django RESTful API
  • CRUD operations
Live Project Implementation
  • Project life cycle
  • Creating a functional website in Django
Note: The entire course will be taught step by step by developing a project (website) in the classroom.