Nageswarao Datatechs Online Video Classes

It has been established that Nageswarao Datatechs is one of the best Software training Institutes in India imparting class room training in the latest and trending technologies like Python, Django and Data Science with Machine learning. It is no wonder every student wants to learn these courses from our veteran faculty. Since we are offering only classroom training, the main problem is that the students need to come from various places and stay at Hyderabad to learn these courses. Another problem is that if there are professionals, they have to go to their offices and hence may not be able to attend the classroom sessions. Hence we thought of the following solution.

Nageswarao Datatechs is now proudly announcing online video classes for those who cannot attend the class room sessions. We are initially starting our Python course and planning to come up with other courses as well.

Please note that these online classes are recorded videos which you can view at your convenient times. Also you can view them any number of times. This helps you to learn the subject within very less time and more effectively.

The following are the courses currently available for the students who want to attend the online video classes:

Course 1. Basic Programming skills for Non Computer Students

online video classes at nageswarao hyderabad Most of the students learn programming languages but when coming to writing programs on their own, they face a lot of difficulty. This happens especially for students coming from non computer (like civil, mechanical, electrical, BCom or MBA, etc) backgrounds. We have to remove such programming fear and make any novice student an expert in developing programs. This can be done by inducing logic into their minds. This course teaches how to improve the logic of writing programs in Python.

This is an ultimate starting course for every non computer student who wants to start their career in IT industry. Here you will learn how to develop basic logic for writing any program.

Course 2. Python

python online video classes at nageswarao hyderabad Python is the most wanted skill in the IT industry. It is the world's most popular programming language and is basis for learning any other technology / language. It is now replaced by C in USA. If you want to learn any other technology like IOT, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AWS or DevOps, you need to first have knowledge in Python. The next 20 years belong to Python. It is most required programming language not only in India, but also in USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

This course contains Core and Advanced Python along with Special professional topics which provide all necessary skills from beginning to professional level.

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