r nageswara rao teaching python django data science

The buzz about Python started in the Software Industry around 2 years ago in India and 4 years ago in USA. It is now the Number 1 Programming language in the world. The reason why Python is used in most of the Software projects is its compact code. Using less code, the programmer can develop bigger projects. Also, Python programs occupy minimum memory and run faster than programs developed in any other language. Another feature of Python is its huge library which made programmers fall in love.

There are over 1,20,000 packages which can be used freely by the programmers. That means if you want to develop a project, somebody would have already developed it and you can find it among these packages. Hence you can import that package and use it in your project without reinventing the wheel. This will considerably reduce the project duration.

Why should you learn Python?

r nageswara rao teaching python django data science

Every body should learn Python as it is the basic platform to learn any future technologies like Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI). Python is also mandatory to learn existing technologies like Big Data, IoT, DevOps, AWS, Testing including Mobile Apps to Website Development. We should remember that the most powerful websites like Amazon, YouTube, Facebook and Google are developed in Python and Django which is Python Framework.

So, there is no choice for a learner or professional to skip Python. Unless we upgrade our skills, we will not survive in the IT industry.

Previously, every body used to learn C language before they make an entry into Computers. But now C is replaced by Python and is taught in USA, UK etc countries as first Programming language for Computer babies.

Here are some more points to ponder:

  • According to various research organizations, Python and Datascience technologies rule the IT sector for at least 1 decade.

  • The productivity of the programmer is increased when he uses Python in the projects.

  • Python is the most industry demanded programming language. All top companies are recruiting Python professionals.

  • People with Python knowledge are paid at least 30% better salary than the others with traditional languages.

  • Python is mother tongue for computer babies. Python is taught in USA for beginners in computers. It is slowly replacing C.

  • Python is already introduced into IITs, IIITs, NITs and in various Indian Universities.

  • You can escape from job threats if you have Python in hands.

Is Python No 1 Programming Language?

  • According to, Python has ranked number 1 among the most popular coding languages for the last 4 years continuously.

  • The PYPL (Popularity of Programming Language Index) gives 2nd rank for Python as most widely searched and learned language on Internet.

  • According to, Python occupies 1st place in terms of programmers drawing highest salary.

  • During 2016, IEEE Spectrum has given 4th rank for Python in terms of increasing popularity. In 2017, IEEE Spectrum has given 1st rank for Python. Again in 2018, IEEE Spectrum has given 1st rank for Python.

  • According to TIOBE, a Netherlands company that checks the software code and analyzes the market trends, Python takes 4th position in the most popular programming languages.

  • Angel List (, which is an online hub for start-ups has said that Python is, in fact, the 2nd most wanted skill in the market and has the highest salary that is offered.

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