About Dr R Nageswara Rao

The Teaching Legend

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Dr R Nageswara Rao (RNR Sir) is a legendary faculty in computers who set a new standard in teaching. He is well known to student community since his teaching of Core Java at Ameerpet, Hyderabad to over 2 lakh students in a span of just 1 decade which is unbeatable record. His teaching methodologies are unique and became trendsetters for other faculties.

Knowledge is infinity - this is what our culture tells us. He is a versatile teacher who knows how to mould a naive student into an expert in Computers or any other subject.

The Author of Core Python, Core JAVA, Core C Books

R Nageswara Rao is popular for his text book Core Java an Integrated Approach which is a block buster book in India and it is no wonder that it has become a reference book for various Universities and colleges. After this success, he wrote Core C Programming to help the beginners in the field.

During 2016 he authored another book by the name Core Python Programming. With this book, he became the first Indian Author who wrote a full fledged text book on Python. This book on Python has become most popular among students in India and abroad. Now this became a reference book for various Indian Universities and autonomous colleges. All of his books are receiving big applause from students as well as professionals in India.

Dr R Nageswara Rao author of Core Python Programming, Core Java, Core C textbooks

Highly Experienced Faculty

Expertise and experience - this is what makes the best teacher. Dr R Nageswara Rao's life is dedicated to teaching profession. He has over 27 years of teaching experience in Computer Science and the journey continues... This is not a small thing to keep aside. He worked as HOD in various colleges under Andhra University and Osmania University making the students amazed with his teaching miracles.

Previously, he worked at InetSolv Solutions, Ameerpet for a decade teaching Core Java. And later he provided his services to Durga Software Solutions, Ameerpet for two years.

Dr R Nageswara Rao is an expert in programming languages like COBOL, C, C++, C#, Java and Python. Long back, he worked for an MNC as a project leader in the beginning of his career. Also, he worked as a free lance developer for a couple of years.

Dr R Nageswara Rao started his own training institute with the name: Nageswarao Datatechs which focuses on data related technologies like Python, Django, Data science, R, Data analytics, AWS and DevOps. He updates the course contents continuously which is a big advantage for the students.

Why Nageswarao Datatechs?

Datatechs 5 star rating (JustDial) by Dr R Nageswara Rao

This Institute has been started by eminent faculty Dr R Nageswara Rao who has proven teaching methodologies to transform even a low standard student into an expert. His way of teaching combined with practical example programs will make it possible. The following are the highlights of Nageswarao Datatechs: